The 2009 Blue Mountains 'Eco Homes Tour' comes to visit my house!  

'My god!... Look at them all!'

Imagine my surprise when a standard size bus pulled up in my street and over 70 people swarmed towards my house!
When Nigel Bell (The eco-architect who organizes the Blue Mountains tour) said 'A bus', I was expecting a large mini-bus.



What followed was a enjoyable visit from 70 very inspired people, all interested in eco-building.
I had many interesting talks with heaps of people. Unfortunately there just wasn't enough time to meet them all.. I wanted to find out why every single person was on the tour and who was about to start an epic journey or their own.

My house is about to get it's first real load-test!
  Fishing story?

I actually had a few speeches prepared, but with the logistics of getting 70 people in one spot just wasn't happening.
So I just blabbed on, answered questions and generally had a ball.

Luckily Cindi (My beloved partner) handed out an information sheet which covered a few things I wanted to mention.
It also had my contact details, so people could email me any questions if they wanted to (Already recieved a few :).


The event, even though short was very satisfying for me.
It was a pleasure to show the first real group around my house.

It's such a long hard slog building a house, and now finally, when the house actually finally looks like a house. Showing it off, somehow helps justifying the journey.


Party on at Craig's
Pretty happy about something
So much to see
Cindi's handout
2009 Eco-tour program

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