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Measure with a micrometer, mark with chalk and cut with an axe
My name is Craig Laurendet, and I am an owner builder in the Blue Mountains, NSW.(Medlow Bath)
My goal: To build a house for as little money , as my skill and a three day working week will make possible :)
The way I plan to achieve this is by using alternative methods and use recycled materials where possible.
This site is not a 'How to' (... I wouldn't wish that on anyone!), it's more of a blog, documenting how I did it, recording some of my pitfalls and triumphs.....< more>
Now, lets see how i'm getting on.........


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The true cost of owner building this house
My on-going, running tally of the total cost of building ... <blerb>.......
<cost breakdown>

  The Obtainium list
Recycle, reuse, mod and hack anything and everything. Here is a list of free and fixed items used in building my house.... <more>
  Good ideas
Here's a few of the ideas I have had that ended up being of value.... <more>
  Bad ideas
Of coure there are things I would have done differently. Here's a list with some of the cost penalties...<more>
  Progress shots
I am photographing a series of progress shots taken from various points around the site.... <more>


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My house appeared on tv!

<See my "A Current Affair" segment!>

The 'Blue Mountains Eco Homes Tour' came to visit my house... And I had so much fun.
Thank you to all of you who came along, I really hope all the wonderful houses you saw have inspired you.

And good luck on your own journeys.
For a full report <click here>

My house is about to get a bit of a load test!
My friends new Bouldering wall!
It's a really nice feeling to be finally using my house for a recreation purpose. As well as sharing it with friends.

My lounge room.
(May appear tidyer than actuall room)



Snowing again! I love it


My house in actuall use!

Lets work out my roof colours!



My new column <more>

Living in a house of scraps

I've made myself pretty comfortable in my new (temporary) house. Now with a new hot shower and toilet, I'm afraid I've made myself a little too comfortable and my building project will slow down!!!!
But it didn't come easy... the shack saga, as well as being fun, was epic...
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My new shack
A mail box!
A dunny!
A shower!
Well that appears to cover all the necessities!
  The van that runs on used cooking oil!      

My old van "BAZZA"
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